Lido DAO Token's 3.97% Price Plunge to $1.56: Key Insights for September 1, 2023

Lido DAO Token (LDO) has seen a significant price drop of 3.97% over the past 24 hours, with the price falling to $1.56. This decline comes after a period of relative stability for LDO, which has traded sideways over the past week. However, zooming out reveals LDO has been on a strong downward trajectory over the past month and six months.

Let's dig into the key data points and trends to better understand the current price action and outlook for Lido DAO Token.

Summarizing the LDO Data Profile

As of September 1, 2023, LDO has a market capitalization of $1.38 billion, putting it within the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Trading volume over the past 24 hours sits at $24.77 million.

Over the past hour, LDO has seen a slight recovery of +0.56%. However, the 1-day and 7-day changes paint a bearish picture, with drops of 3.97% and 1.00% respectively.

The declines steepen when looking at the 1-month and 6-month timeframes. LDO has plunged 14.98% over the past 30 days. And over the last 6 months, it has crashed a staggering 48.56%.

Clearly, LDO is stuck in a long-term downtrend across the mid and long-term timeframes. The past day's 3.97% fall has only extended this protracted sell-off.

Evaluating Recent LDO Price Drivers

What factors are contributing to Lido DAO Token's bearish momentum?

LDO forms a core part of the Lido Protocol, which offers staking services and liquidity for Ethereum's transition to proof-of-stake. As such, LDO tends to correlate closely with the price action of ETH. With Ethereum down 5% over the past week, it is dragging LDO down with it.

Moreover, as a DeFi protocol governance token, LDO is vulnerable to the weakness across the broader DeFi sector lately. Total value locked in DeFi has declined markedly over the past half year. This reduction in DeFi activity and interest is weighing on DeFi tokens like LDO.

Looking at LDO's on-chain metrics also helps explain the recent selling pressure. Whale transactions (>$100k) have turned negative over the past week. Additionally, the number of LDO tokens held on exchanges has risen slightly, signaling traders are positioning for further declines.

LDO Price Outlook for the Months Ahead

Given the firmly bearish technical and on-chain setup, what can we expect from LDO over the next few months?

LDO will likely continue tracking the price action of Ethereum in the near-term. With ETH appearing poised to retest its 2022 lows around $900, LDO could see further pain ahead. Any break of ETH below $900 would likely catalyze a steep drop for LDO back towards the $1 level.

However, looking out into 2023, LDO could reverse course if macro conditions improve. Any resurgence for the broader crypto market and renewed interest in DeFi would act as a tailwind for LDO.

Key upside price targets include the 200-day moving average around $2.30 and prior support turned resistance at $2.80. LDO reclaiming these levels would signal a bullish trend change. Although given current technicals, any sustained recovery looks several months away still.

Will Staking Lead a Lido DAO Token Price Rebound?

Staking has emerged as a hot trend in crypto, allowing holders to earn passive yields on their investments. As one of the largest Ethereum staking protocols, is staking demand likely to drive an LDO price reversal?

Lido has seen consistent growth in ETH staked on its platform, now exceeding 3.2 million ETH. This ever-rising pool of staked ETH does generate consistent protocol fees that bolster the Lido Treasury.

However, LDO itself does not provide any direct staking rewards. The supply and demand dynamics of the LDO governance token remain separate from Ethereum staking flows. Therefore, while staking helps support Lido's fundamentals, it may not directly reignite LDO demand.

Rather, LDO is more dependent on DeFi activity and governance participation picking back up. Without that renewed utility driving usage, staking alone is unlikely to restart LDO's bull run. But if DeFi rebounds, LDO's deep liquidity pools and staking structure could amplify its upside.

Is Lido DAO Token a Good Buy at Current Prices?

Given the brutal bear market LDO has weathered in 2022, is now a good time to buy the dip? Or could LDO have further room to fall before finding a bottom?

Dollar-cost averaging into LDO around the $1.50 level could pay off long-term. Accumulating governance tokens of top DeFi protocols like Lido is a viable strategy for patient investors with a high risk tolerance.

However, in the near-term, LDO remains stuck in a downtrend across timeframes. Trying to call the exact bottom is difficult. Waiting for a clear trend reversal signal before entering larger LDO positions can help avoid getting trapped in fakeouts.

With Ethereum's merge on the horizon, DeFi may be poised for a revival. If so, the market could start pricing in a rebound for LDO and other DeFi tokens soon. But until sell signals wane, caution is warranted when dollar-cost averaging into beaten down governance tokens like LDO.


Lido DAO Token has seen its price decline by 3.97% over the past 24 hours, extending its 2022 bear market. Ongoing weakness for Ethereum and DeFi has weighted on LDO technicals and on-chain metrics. While staking provides long-term utility, LDO remains dependent on renewed DeFi interest to reverse its downtrend. Patient DCA can pay off for investors willing to withstand short-term volatility. But waiting for confirmation of trend reversals first may help avoid buying into fakeouts as LDO searches for its bottom.

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