Limytd has created an academy that aims to teach the public about blockchain

Limytd has created an academy that aims to teach the public about blockchain
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From an elusive, online concept to a proper global financial ecosystem, cryptocurrencies have come a long way in a little over a decade. A few years ago, there were only a handful of coins and tokens. Today, CoinMarketCap shows a number of over 9500.

In this vast ocean of different projects, tokens and platforms, it is understandable that people who are not so tuned with the crypto market can be overwhelmed with the information overload. The problem is much deeper than the sheer amount of coins and tokens in the market, especially with the rise of DeFi and that sector alone pumping above $59 billion on 26th April, 2021 in the market. People also struggle with understanding the technology. A disruptive one that changes the traditional financial system, blockchain’s back end is a lot different from fiat or other asset investing. For anyone to truly understand cryptocurrencies, they also need to have a grasp on the blockchain.

Blockchain Academy by Limytd

A Swiss startup by the name of Limytd aims to teach the public about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the different aspects of the investment sector. Limytd has created a holistic Blockchain Academy that covers the technology and its financial angles completely. The academy consists of a vast range of topics that are covered through easily explained encyclopedic knowledge which is accompanied by additional teaching tools such as videos and a dictionary of all the terms of the industry.

Limytd understands that people need varying levels of information. Therefore, the complete Blockchain Academy has been designed to cater to mainly newcomers to the cryptocurrency industry, while still providing relevant information to experienced users. The academy also has information on how to do different technical analysis on projects, evaluating their ins and outs and how to independently collect data.

Powered with the information of Limtyd’s Blockchain Academy, anyone today can get started on their cryptocurrency journey. As cryptocurrencies and their underpinning technology gain broader global traction, educating oneself on these matters is always beneficial. Either way the Blockchain academy will enable people to use the knowledge provided to build up another source of income, using their provided high quality educational videos explaining the needed steps. These are the opportunities Limytd offers their users.

Limytd Team

The Limytd Team consists of young and innovative people who leverage their experiences in the blockchain industry and sales sector to build one of the most detailed information systems.

The Limytd team is led by Christian Brom, the President of the firm. Helping him in the vision to educate the broader public are two of his Managing Directors, Robin Ziegler and Alexander Brom. The top team is supported by different contributors and partners in the project:

  • Raffael Arno Kerschbaum
  • Thomas Kindermann
  • Zeljko Pindic
  • Enea Shira
  • Arian Daryabegi
  • Melissa Osmanovic
  • Samir Ahmed

The Limytd team created the academies to cater for the dearth of information in German language but the team also brings their knowledge to other regions via adding new languages in the process. This allows Limytd to let everyone enjoy the benefits offered. This is important in a time when there is a huge interest in blockchain companies capable of attracting attention from venture capitalists and other potential investors.

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