Limytd has Setup a Public Repository on Cryptocurrency Knowledge

Limytd has Setup a Public Repository on Cryptocurrency Knowledge
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The initial years of cryptocurrencies were simpler times, with only a handful in existence. However, that soon changed with Ethereum, which allowed anyone to create their tokens and piggyback on the mainnet. 2017 saw an explosion of cryptocurrencies, with new ones popping up and now we have the DeFi concept, driving the creation of more. Today, there are thousands of these coins and tokens in existence. The most comprehensive list of coins and tokens has over 9500 of these.

Information Overload

Within this fast-paced world of ever new cryptocurrencies, projects and startups, it can be difficult to understand which one to invest in. Cryptocurrencies are already infamous for being volatile in nature and the different technological and financial aspects employed by crypto firms and projects can easily be a cause of confusion. Laymen always have had troubles deciding which coin or token to invest in, especially when there are nearly 2000 startups that failed in the last decade.

Limytd’s Blockchain Academy

A knowledge bank of cryptos, created by the Swiss firm Limytd has the right information people need to learn about cryptocurrencies. The Blockchain Academy has been built to allow people from all walks of life to gain knowledge on different topics related to digital assets and understand how this uprising technology works. Powered with this information, anyone can have a greater degree of understanding of cryptocurrencies and make better investment decisions.

Apart from the overview on the financial workings and prospects, the academy also has topics to teach people how to become independent in terms of analyzing and determining which projects are likely to succeed.

Overall, there are three different analysis that any professional investor does for a coin:

  • Technical Analysis: This involves looking at past price trends and processing them through various models and algorithms to make mathematical predictions.
  • Fundamental Analysis: Qualitative measurements of the token, its project, team and other market sentiments come under this.
  • Other Factors: Aspects that are not directly related to the project or its token, but can have an impact on it, such as national-level regulations, competitor’s movements, technological breakthrough etc.

Blockchain Academy creates a neat and systematic encyclopedia of knowledge of these that is easy to understand for both novices and advanced users.

About Limytd

A team of young professionals who faced difficulties in their crypto investment journey, Limytd aimed to solve this issue by combining their experiences into a repository. the academy is in german but the team is actively working on international versions.

Leading the Limytd team is the firm’s President, Christian Brom who is supported by two Managing Directors Alexander Brom and Robin Ziegler who coordinate with different crypto and sales experts to create the knowledge banks’ articles and videos. The contributors are Raffael Arno Kerschbaum, Thomas Kindermann, Zeljko Pindic, Enea Shira, Samir Ahmed, Melissa Osmanovic and Arian Daryabegi.

The cryptocurrency sector is difficult to predict and even the best of people get it wrong. A good knowledge bank like Blockchain Academy is the need of the hour.

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