Lindsay Lohan's NFT sells for 1,000,001 TRX

Lindsay Lohan's NFT sells for 1,000,001 TRX

Lindsay Lohan, as reported by BTC Peers earlier this week announced the sale of her song Lullaby as an NFT.

Sold on the FansForever marketplace which prides itself as an exclusive celebrity digital art platform, the song which featured DJ Manuel Riva according to the former Princess Diana actress sold for 1,000,001 TRX valued at $85,484,09 at the time of sale.

Via her Twitter account, the famous singer congratulated the winner “@realCoinUnited”, a leading Bitcoin hub in Hong Kong. While this auction started with TRON developer Justin Sun bidding 300,000 TRX for this NFT, the Bitcoin hub had managed to bid higher for an exclusive ownership of this song.

As reported by BTC Peers, Lindsay Lohan has been an ardent fan of these cryptocurrencies. In a recent interview with Forbes, the songwriter stated that an NFT takeover is imminent.

The 3 times MTV Movie Awards winner says she envisions a world where movies are tokenized and content creators get paid in full for their art.

Keen on riding the NFT wave, rapper Meek Mill via a tweet revealed that a plan is underway to release an exclusive NFT album once his deal with current record label is off.

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