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LinkDAO Wants to Buy An Actual Golf Course Through NFT Sale
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LinkDAO Wants to Buy An Actual Golf Course Through NFT Sale

BTC Peers reporter
BTC Peers reporter

LinksDAO, an online community of golf enthusiasts, has sold out its membership tokens and made over $11 Million in the process. The goal of the community is to acquire golf courses through the sales of its membership NFTs. As seen on the community's website,

"these NFTs will allow for community access, governance, a wide variety of perks, and games in the near term. They will be the key to unlocking membership at LinksDAO's first golf & leisure club."

LinksDAO's strategy, as published on its website, shows that the community plans to buy a golf course before the middle of this year and then make it open to members of the community by the end of the year or in the early period of the year 2023.

What are DAOs?

You may be wondering what DAOs are. DAOs is an acronym for decentralized autonomous organizations, an online community of like-minded individuals who pool crypto funds together to invest in multimillion-dollar assets. These are assets collectively owned by members. Also, this online entity has no central authority as decisions are arrived at from the bottom-up.

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Perks of LinksDAO Membership

According to the community, 6,363 Leisure Membership NFTs were sold at the rate of 0.18 Eth, and a total of 2,727 Global Membership NFTs were sold at the rate of 0.72 Eth. Persons who bought LinksDAO Leisure Membership NFT stand to benefit the following:

"the right to purchase a membership at the 1st physical club LinksDAO acquires; Governance rights via $LINKS token, launching in early 2022; Access and discounts on golf tee times, packages, leisure products, merch, and more; Access to members-only Discord channels, including guest appearances by golf, sports, business, and celebrity luminaries; Entry into the LinksDAO fantasy golf league."

As for LinksDAO  Global Membership NFTs, members  stand to enjoy:

"4x the governance rights via $LINKS token, launching in early 2022; The right to purchase two individual memberships or one family membership at the 1st physical club LinksDAO acquires; Access to official LinksDAO IRL events such as golf outings and trips (first planned event will be in early 2022 at a Major Championship-quality course); Access to club reciprocity with other Global Members who opt-in to participating."

Investors interested in buying the LinksDAO NFTs still have the option of purchasing it in the secondary market via OpenSea.