Lolli grows Bitcoin rewards offers for online shopping

Lolli is launching a new campaign that enables users to earn Bitcoin rewards via online shopping on the platform. The pandemic has led to a shift from brick-and-mortar stores to online retail sites in the world of consumer goods. Online shopping has flourished, regardless of economic constraints, given its customer-centered policies. The latest survey conducted by Salesforce Inc. showed that 58% of shoppers said they prefer buying online more than they used to pre-pandemic. This is explained by online shopping's proven efficiency and safety.

Matt Senter, the CTO & Co-Founder of Lolli, commented,

Shopping online and earning bitcoin are contactless. This is even more important right now because it means you can still buy your presents, get rewarded, and stay safe from the comfort of your home.”

The development of online shopping, alongside Bitcoin's growing adoption are decisive elements for Lolli's move of creating an online shopping system that allows customers to make digital incentives. Contrary to a cash-backs or incentive point schemes, when a purchase with Lolli's affiliate merchants is completed online, the user's wallet is compensated directly with Bitcoin.

A report from BTCManager showed that Lolli's affiliation has resulted in a growth to over a thousands in 950 affiliate partners, including prominent brands like Nike and Bloomingdale. The average return payment (in Bitcoin) is approximately 7.5% of the product's price.

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