Luxury yacht firm Prime Experiences now accepts Bitcoin payments

Luxury yacht firm Prime Experiences now accepts Bitcoin payments

Prime Experiences, a luxury yacht firm operating in North America, has announced that it will begin to accept Bitcoin payments for its services. The firm is confident that the move will be met with an immediate 40% growth from Bitcoin payments in its first year.

In addition to accepting the leading cryptocurrency as a payment option, Prime Experiences is also looking to tap blockchain technology to provide transactional security. Consequently, it will be basing its web and mobile services on blockchain tech.

José David Tobón, the company’s president, further revealed that his company is already in talks with Miami’s officials, probably due to the state’s progressive crypto laws. He said:

With this type of currency many doors have opened, we are currently in talks with the Miami Mayor, who is interested in expanding bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the city. Miami could be the next Silicon Valley as most of the large companies such as Tesla, Facebook and Google are looking to enter the city.

The number of companies accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a means of payment has continued to grow. However, in the heat of institutional adoption, Tesla recently announced that it was dumping Bitcoin as a payment choice, citing environmental concerns.

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