Make the right choice, learn what bitcoin should i invest in

Now that interest in Bitcoin is returning to the markets, you might be asking yourself: what bitcoin should i invest in? The good news is that there aren't many options, especially when it comes to tokens that have 'Bitcoin' in their name.

Bitcoin was the first crypto, and it is still the most popular as measured by total market value. There are two other major Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV. Both of these tokens started as a part of the Bitcoin blockchain, and neither one has been able to eclipse Bitcoin in terms of popularity.

Given the global interest in the original Bitcoin, if you are just getting into cryptos, buying Bitcoin is probably the way to go. It has the longest track record, and it has also been able to recover faster than the other two Bitcoins in bear markets.

Bitcoin Cash was designed to be a faster way to make transactions, as the original Bitcoin is a little slow when compared to other blockchains. While this is a good feature, other tokens like Ripple and Dash are just as fast as Bitcoin Cash, if not faster.

You will need to think about what is important to you in terms of a Bitcoin investment, and make your purchases accordingly.

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