Makers of “The Sims” set to launch NFT game that plays on the subconscious

Makers of “The Sims” set to launch NFT game that plays on the subconscious

Legendary video game maker Will Wright will be debiting a new game that explores blockchain technology and his experience with non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Wright will be launching the new game named “Proxi” more than a decade after releasing his last video game project “Spore” in 2008. The game maker also has other popular projects like “The Sims” and “SimCity” under his belt.

The new Proxi game is based on an Artificial Intelligence-driven simulation. It is designed to enable players to take a self-discovery trip and is enhanced by the incorporation of true ownership of in-game digital assets.

Proxi was developed by a new team (Galium Studios) put together by Wright. It starts with the players creating an individual model of memories by using thousands of in-game items. A user avatar that allows a player to interact with other players is gradually generated as he goes through this process.

According to the announcement, Gallium will be helping players to discover interesting insights regarding their own subconscious along the line.

Proxi significantly taps into the world of NFT collectibles. It focuses on content primarily generated by users. The NFT represents a receipt for an attestable rare digital item, and although it can represent video files or even images, it can also be linked to individual items in the video game that can be resold to other players within the game.

Proxi will permit users to take ownership of their memory creations in the form of NFTs. They are also making provisions to allow players to generate profits from selling user-generated items while playing the game.

Bloomberg reported that almost every item in the game can be rendered into an NFT and resold to others if they so wish.

Gallium Studios has partnered with NFT gaming platform “Forte” for the integration of blockchain and functionality of NFTs in its Proxi game. Forte enables access for users to purchase NFTs with US dollars.

Wright’s idea of a game currently seems out of place. However, the same can be said of a pixelated image being sold for millions of dollars. NFTs are undoubtedly here to stay, and their potentials are still untapped.

Speaking of untapped potentials, BitColors is a new NFT collection that will allow users to own and trade colors.

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