Making the right purchase, which Bitcoin to buy?

If you are thinking about getting into cryptos, you may be wondering which Bitcoin to buy? Because there are so many tokens out there, some people think there are more than one kind of Bitcoin. This is only partially true. Bitcoin is the first decentralized currency, and today, there are three kinds. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV.

If a long-term investment is your goal, Bitcoin is probably the best kind of Bitcoin to buy. Major investors are buying Bitcoin both directly and via the futures market. Bitcoin Cash was created as an alternative to Bitcoin, as many thought that Bitcoin was too slow and expensive to use as a means of payment.

At first, Bitcoin Cash was valuable, but it has lost most of its value since it was created. The same is more or less the case for Bitcoin SV. The real issue is that these to Bitcoin alternatives don't have the same buying appeal as the original, and there are other tokens, like Ethereum, that have become very popular.

Any of the Bitcoins can be bought at crypto exchanges, and you can also check out other tokens like Ethereum and Ripple that may make good investments over the next few years.

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