MappedSwap on Eurus to Distribute 800,000 MST in a Month-Long Campaign Starting from April 13, 2022

MappedSwap on Eurus to Distribute 800,000 MST in a Month-Long Campaign Starting from April 13, 2022

MappedSwap, a DEX on Eurus with over $6 billion in liquidity locked in pools to provide fast and low slippage trading of supported pairs, will be distributing 800,000 MST in a month-long campaign starting from April 13, 2022.

Highlighting MappedSwap's Product Offerings: 10X Leverage, Staking, and Referral Program

According to the exchange, the campaign's objective will be to promote its product offerings, including a superior margin trading DEX with the industry's low slippage levels and a staking and referral program. The decentralized exchange is already one of the most funded in the global, multi-billion DeFi space, supporting up to 10X leverage.

MappedSwap traders can borrow up to 10X their margin amount, allowing them to make more profits from their trading activities. Of note, traders who borrow from the DEX are exempted from paying interest in the first hour of trading. If they repay their loans one hour after borrowing, they will receive high profits and interest-free funds from the global on-chain margin trading swap.

The campaign begins on April 13, 2022, and ends on May 12, 2022. During this time, MappedSwap will distribute 800,000 MST to participating users, divided into two tranches of 600,000 MST for the first campaign and 200,000 MST for the second campaign.

600,000 MST for 5,000 Users Who Complete Simple Tasks on Twitter and YouTube

MappedSwap plans to distribute 600,000 MST to fifty  thousand Twitter followers who complete simple tasks. It is expected that thousands of users will participate in this campaign, competing to earn $12 in MST as a reward. This task is split into two.

In the first stage, a user would have to follow MappedSwap's official Twitter account, like and retweet DEX's promotional post, and tag three friends. In the second step, they have to watch a YouTube video and find a mystery code. Participants must ensure that they complete all steps to increase their chances of winning. All winners, the exchange said, will be announced via their official Telegram group  after a 24-hour verification period.

200,000 MST Allocated for Referral Program Promoters and Traders

In the second campaign, 200,000 MST will be allocated predominantly to traders. However, there is a chance for 10,000 users to win 5 USTM for sharing MappedSwap's referral code on Twitter.

Furthermore, there will be 5,000 slots for active traders. To win, traders must maintain their position on the leaderboard. Successful traders who actively place positions stand to win, receiving rewards from the 200,000 MST pool.

To prevent bots from taking part in this campaign, users must deposit their connecting non-custodial wallets with at least 0.01 ETH of wBTC, USDT, ETH, or USDT. At the same time, each connecting wallet address will be considered as one entry, preventing users from creating multiple accounts and cutting off other willing community members.

The MappedSwap Staking Feature and Referral Program

MappedSwap distinguishes itself from other decentralized exchanges in DeFi through its staking feature and a lucrative referral program.

The program adopts an unlimited hierarchical model. It is an invite-only referral scheme where the referrer can earn up to 40 percent in rebates if users do not stake or trade and earn up to 80 percent in returns if they trade or stake.

Meanwhile, the MappedSwap staking feature will allow stakers to receive more staking rewards during the promotional month. For instance, users who complete tasks in the second campaign will receive 15 percent MST from their staked assets.

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