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Mayor of Miami set to receive full paycheck in Bitcoin
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Mayor of Miami set to receive full paycheck in Bitcoin

Saudu Clement
Saudu Clement

Miami’s Mayor Francis Suarez has resorted to taking his next paycheck fully in Bitcoin, a move that positions him as the first known US politician to take such a decision.

The pro-Bitcoin mayor, who has been making efforts to integrate Bitcoin into the operations of his city, made his intention to convert 100% of his next paycheck into Bitcoin known on Twitter.

Responded to Anthony Pompliano’s tweet asking who would be the first US politician to accept their salary in BTC, Suarez said:

I’m going to take my next paycheck 100% in bitcoin…problem solved.

The mayor solicited the help of Miami's Chief Information Officer Mike Sarasti to facilitate the decision. Sarasti confirmed that he had already sent the mayor a Strike link to register with to enable him to receive his paycheck in Bitcoin.

The CIO also tweeted about his experience receiving a portion of his salary in Bitcoin.

“My experience receiving a portion of my pay last week went flawlessly,” hinting that he has already been receiving part of his own salary in BTC.

Mayor Suarez has always been an ardent supporter of Bitcoin. He has also been quite vocal about his plans to turn Miami into a Bitcoin hub. This could see the city embrace Bitcoin for its operations.

Interestingly, the region has already taken several visible steps to adopt Bitcoin. Back in February, Miami’s City Commission passed a resolution to allow municipal employees to receive their salaries in Bitcoin.