Meta Super League is Bringing True Competition to the Metaverse

Meta Super League is Bringing True Competition to the Metaverse
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Nonfungible tokens (NFT) exploded in popularity last year, with month-by-month increases in liquidity and attention in the Metaverse. Many attempts to merge sports with NFTs have been seen in numerous initiatives. Many have tried and failed, but with the introduction of the Meta Super League in 2022, the perfect mix of sports and NFT investments has finally taken center stage.

Meta Super League is a completely new NFT initiative that allows investors to acquire and invest in their own bespoke sports team, allowing them to establish their billion-dollar Franchise. As a result, players can compete for MetaBowl glory after establishing their own NFT sports franchise. Competition is always beneficial, and Meta Super League fosters this climate by allowing franchise owners to compete for rewards in events.

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Players must first mint, buy, or trade three-team Element NFTs to start their Franchise. A team's name, founding city, and colors are among them. Next, the three Element NFTs must be destroyed to create a one-of-a-kind franchise NFT. Once Franchises have been established, it's time to compete for rewards and glory.

On the Ethereum Network, a total of 3,000 Element NFTs will be made available in late January 2022. These will be the Element NFTs needed to create Franchise NFTs, hence the Meta Super League metaverse's lifeblood. Investors will be able to unwrap their Element NFTs 10 days after the drop. Also, on the MSL Discord, whitelisting has already begun.

It'll be the game time in February when the decentralized program for creating Franchise NFTs becomes live, allowing players to start burning their Element NFTs and receiving their Franchises. With only 1,000 Franchise NFTs accessible after the burn, gamers must be quick to act and grab their slice of fame.

Furthermore, owners of Franchise NFTs are automatically members of the Meta Super League decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

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