Meta Triads NFT, Next Big Thing - Bringing The Fashion in the Metaverse

Meta Triads NFT, Next Big Thing - Bringing The Fashion in the Metaverse
Photo by Surface / Unsplash

Web 3.0 Is already changing the way we perceive e-commerce, but there are more dramatic changes flickering on the horizon. With commercial projects gaining traction through innovations within digital technologies, there are no limits to sudden fluctuations in different markets. These days, most of the innovations are somehow connected to either the web, or digital media. Many industries are waiting to embrace the prospects that would effectively transform them into digital worlds. One such prospect is Meta Triads.

This NFT project is an ambitious shot at guiding an entire fashion industry into the worlds of metaverse and AR. Basically, you can start preparing for fashion shows in decentraland, sandbox and various other platforms. This might sound extremely crazy, but this was always bound to happen, and it seems we have the first challenger!

This is a perfect opportunity for apparel brands that want to try out their mettle in digital worlds and it just happens to be as easy as it gets!
Meta Triads project is a collection of 10,000 unique standard tokens that bring real-life utilities and passive income through project shareholding - DAO. NFT holders will own the shares of the marketplace and earn in native token TRIA$ every time a sale is made. Additionally, owners will have exclusive access to fashion shows around the world, including the ones in the metaverse!

Their entire system is designed around the roadmap, its steps including opening the market in the metaverse (Decentraland, Sandbox) and further expanding NFT utilities by releasing the second wave of NFTs in the future. It most certainly sounds outrageous, but if you think about it closely, this is THE future, the future where fashion expands seamlessly into the metaverse. Meta Triads will be releasing early march, so keep an eye out for exciting news.

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