Metaverse Alliance Opens Application and Submission Process for The Hackathon for Metaverse: Metathon

Metaverse Alliance Opens Application and Submission Process for The Hackathon for Metaverse: Metathon

With the metaverse concept rising, Metaverse Alliance believes that it is the next iteration, blending the virtual world and the real one. The Alliance has announced a hackathon for the metaverse, a Metathon, if you will.

The Metathon event is aimed towards giving different projects different opportunities to come forward and present their creations that will propel the metaverse existence into a practical reality. At the same time, it is offering $50 million in prizes as an incentive.

The Metathon Timeline

Registration and submission of projects for the Metathon are open from the 1st of December and will run till the 3rd of January, 2022. Judges will start evaluating submissions from the next day, i.e. 4th January. Finalists will be announced on the 8th.

The projects that make it into the final round will have till 15th January to make their final presentations. Judges will then start looking at the final submissions starting the next day and the winners will be declared on 16th January.

There are five different themes of the Metathon, where individuals and teams can enter in:

  • Infrastructure: Different projects that help support and improve the metaverse infrastructure as a whole such as identity verification, cross-chain token use, and other tools.
  • DAOs: DAOs these days are inefficient and not friendly enough for everyday users. Improving these to break down barriers and bring ease of use.
  • GameFi: Any games that connect gaming and DeFi, but in the metaverse concept.
  • SocialFi: Content sharing in a social media setting that gives content creators a means to earn.
  • Financial NFT: using NFTs in different practical financial products and services.

There are different prizes for different projects, with each category winner walking away with $25,000, the second project taking $15,000 and the third runner up bagging $10,000. There are other prizes too, for example, the most popular one also getting $10,000 and $8,000 each for most creative, most promising, and best tech project.

There are different sponsor prizes also set aside in the Metathon:

  • $50,000 by the Klatyn Sponsorship Grant.
  • $40,000 by Cradles Sponsorship Grant.
  • $10,000 by NEO Sponsorship Grant.
  • $10,000 by Multiverse Sponsorship Grant.
Rules of Metathon

The Metathon, where it seeks to keep the event open to as many possibilities, does also set some ground rules that applicants and aspirants need to conform with:

  • Open to teams, entrepreneurs, or developers from all over the world.
  • Minimum 18 years of age of all participants.
  • Individuals can apply, but teams of 3-5 members are encouraged.
  • Provide their individual CV with their skills and background.
  • Organizers and their families are not allowed to participate.
Metaverse Alliance

A team of enthusiasts and blockchain developers who believe in the power of metaverse, the Metaverse Alliance seeks out the possibilities of the practical application of the concept. The Alliance has cooperated with many big names in the industry, including Delphi Capital, Binance Labs, Huobi Ventures, and even blockchains like Solana, Avalanche Flow, and NEO.

The Metathon is the perfect opportunity for startups, established platforms, and blockchain developers to showcase their concepts and projects to a collection of judges that comprise a high-profile panel. The exposure would also have the added benefit of the submissions being featured in the hackathon, enabling a more serious outlook by potential investors.

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