MicroStrategy adds another $15 million to Bitcoin stash

MicroStrategy adds another $15 million to Bitcoin stash

Business intelligence firm MicroStrategy has continued to add to its Bitcoin stash. In its most recent purchase, MicroStrategy has added another $15 million worth of Bitcoin to its holdings.

CEO Michael Saylor confirmed the purchase on Twitter. According to his tweet, MicroStrategy purchased 253 Bitcoins at an average price of $59,339 per coin.

Following its most recent buy, the financial software giant now holds 91,579 BTC. With the leading cryptocurrency trading at around $59,000, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin stash is worth over $5.4 billion.

MicroStrategy has been on a buying spree since August 2020, when it first threw $250 million at Bitcoin.

Recall that on March 5, the firm purchased $10 million worth of Bitcoin (205 Bitcoin at that time). Before this, on February 24, MicroStrategy invested a whopping $1.02 billion in Bitcoin from a debt offering.

Saylor is one of the foremost proponents of Bitcoin. The CEO has continued to preach Bitcoin and the recent purchase made by his firm is simply a confirmation of his pro-Bitcoin stance. More recently, Saylor tweeted that his mission was to fix the balance sheets of the world.

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