Mogul Productions NFT Marketplace V3 To Bring a Brand New User Experience

In the wake of the pandemic, the world’s most popular investment options and asset classes witnessed a sharp decline in value and potential. However, digital assets, especially non-fungible tokens (NFTs), rallied in the opposite direction creating a world of new investment opportunities for people across the globe. In this whole ordeal, it was the NFT-marketplaces that played a pivotal role in making this new asset class universally accessible. And as such, these marketplaces are central to the digital asset economy and the well-developed ones have the potential to play a catalyst to NFTs’ mainstream entry.

In this regard, the decentralized film financing and NFT platform Mogul Productions has come up with the latest iteration of its NFT marketplace, which is poised to bring major performance and user-experience improvements to the platform.

On the performance front, Mogul is poised to bring the lazy loading feature that loads only essential components for users. As a result, users can expect an increase in speed and higher performance optimization. Then, as a platform that houses a myriad of NFT collections from the media and entertainment industry, Mogul wants to expand and bring some much-needed changes to its catalog.

The platform aims to bring decentralized digital data into the catalog’s search engine algorithms. This will make the search filters quicker and more efficient, accounting for an enjoyable user experience overall. Moreover, users will now be able to search in alphabetical or price order which can be further filtered for price ranges, listed sales, and auctions.

Apart from this, V3 will transition to using NFT-data and images from its own web marketplace instead of external sources. This mitigates the time and data delays, ensuring faster image loading speeds on the platform. The platform believes that all of these improvements to their marketplace will give NFT-buyers, sellers, and creators a robust and efficient user experience that further encourages them towards NFT adoption.

NFTs for the World of Entertainment

The Mogul Productions NFT marketplace is a first of its kind, and it already has collaborations with the world’s top media and entertainment professionals. Ever since its inception, the goal for Mogul Productions has been quite straightforward. Mogul aims to democratize the entertainment industry that has been the haven of only a few players for several decades. In this regard, the NFT marketplace aims to give users unique access into the world of entertainment, where they can contribute to financing films and also be involved in the decision-making.

The platform is famous for its recent Mogies collection created in collaboration with the animators of the Simpsons. This collection is the world’s first character-driven NFT series and pays homage to 100 years of the Hollywood sign. The owners of these Hollywood-inspired characters NFTs will also have the IP rights to these characters forever. Moreover, Mogul marketplace is also home to the Stan Lee legacy collection of portrait NFTs and DC and Marvel comic artist Rob Prior’s collection of NFTs.

With partnerships so profound, the platform aims to create NFTs that their fans would love to hold and give them a unique way to interact with their favorite artists and get involved in the dynamics of the entertainment industry.

As such, the newly announced V3 of this platform is poised to attract an influx of new fans and users to the platform with its improvements in functionality and performance.

Building Blocks of the Virtual Economy

After their monumental success in 2021, it is safe to say that there’s no looking back for NFTs. NFTs have managed to find use-cases in major industries across the world and now through platforms like Mogul Productions, have even made their way into entertainment. It will be interesting to see how NFTs unfold into our everyday life in the coming years, and what opportunities they create for the future of the virtual economy.

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