Monero's 2.56% Price Increase to $147.64: Key Insights for August 21, 2023

Monero (XMR), the leading privacy-focused cryptocurrency, saw its price rise 2.56% over the past 24 hours to $147.64. This makes Monero one of the few major cryptocurrencies bucking the broader market downtrend with recent gains.

In this report, we'll analyze the latest Monero market data to better understand the drivers behind XMR's outperformance and assess where the project currently stands. Monero maintains a market capitalization of $2.70B, cementing its status as a top 30 cryptocurrency by valuation. Trading volume over the past 24 hours reached $40.11M, indicating a moderate level of interest.

Looking at XMR's price action across different timeframes reveals a mixed picture. Over the past hour, Monero has slipped just 0.13%. But zooming out, the 1-day gain of 2.56% provides a bullish sign of strength. Longer-term timeframes remain negative but show signs of bottoming, with 7-day, 1-month and 6-month changes at -7.14%, -10.07%, and -7.53% respectively.

Overall, while Monero remains in a downtrend, its divergence from the broader weakness points to underlying resiliency. Sustained upside moves would confirm a bullish trend change is underway.

What Factors are Driving Monero's Outperformance?

Monero's ability to decouple from the prevailing crypto downtrend points to a few supportive factors at play:

  • Privacy remains in high demand - Ongoing regulatory scrutiny of crypto has increased the perceived value of privacy coins like Monero that obscure transaction details.
  • Use on darknet markets - Monero continues to be the dominant cryptocurrency used on darknet marketplaces, giving it an important use case.
  • Upcoming network upgrade - An upcoming hard fork in June 2023 to introduce a new proof-of-work algorithm is creating positive sentiment.
  • Bitcoin correlation weakening - Monero has historically been tightly correlated to Bitcoin price moves but has diverged over the past month.
  • Undervaluation - With strong fundamentals and use cases, Monero may be poised to bounce back after becoming potentially oversold.

Can Monero Maintain its Recent Momentum?

Given the prevailing weakness across the wider crypto market, it is reasonable to wonder whether Monero will manage to sustain its recently improved performance.

On the positive side, Monero exhibits few of the typical bubble-like characteristics of assets in euphoric uptrends. Network transaction counts and active addresses are stable, indicating organic adoption rather than hype-driven mania.

Moreover, darknet marketplaces are unlikely to disappear, cementing Monero's floor of criminal use. And projects with true utility and differentiation tend to recover quicker from bear markets once risk appetite improves.

However, if Bitcoin resumes its downtrend, this could place pressure back on Monero as correlations reconverge. And from a technical perspective, XMR remains in a downtrend on the higher timeframes until key resistance around $175 is broken.

On balance, Monero looks poised to outperform the broader market but a return to its all-time high near $515 remains a longer-term proposition. Upside toward the $200-$250 range seems feasible in 2023 assuming the macro environment stabilizes.

Will Privacy Coins Face Regulatory Crackdowns?

As government scrutiny of cryptocurrencies increases globally, privacy-focused coins like Monero face an uncertain regulatory future. Some predict an outright crackdown on anonymous crypto assets.

However, regulatory attitudes on privacy coins remain mixed across jurisdictions. While the SEC takes a dim view of anonymity, jurisdictions like Japan and Germany have not banned privacy cryptos. And regulators may face challenges enforcing any blanket ban given the decentralized nature of these networks.

More likely regulations could focus on centralized points of failure like exchanges, prohibiting trading of privacy coins. But this would be difficult to enforce on a global scale, and decentralized exchange growth gives users access regardless.

Rather than an outright crackdown, pragmatic regulations around KYC and mandatory reporting for large transactions seem a more feasible middle ground approach. While risks remain, Monero and other key privacy cryptos seem poised to persist in some capacity.


  • Monero has risen 2.56% over the past 24 hours to $147.64, bucking the broader crypto downtrend.
  • Divergence points to supportive factors like privacy demand, darknet use, protocol upgrade, and undervaluation.
  • But overarching market weakness poses risks to Monero maintaining its outperformance near-term.
  • Return to all-time highs remains longer-term proposition, but gains toward $200-$250 range feasible in 2023.

Will tight regulations or bans wipe out privacy coins, or can they adapt to a middle ground regulatory approach?

  • Privacy coins face uncertain regulatory future as government scrutiny of crypto rises globally.
  • But outright bans may prove challenging to enforce given decentralization and global nature of assets.
  • More pragmatic approach around KYC and transaction monitoring seems likely end point.
  • Risks persist, but Monero and top privacy cryptos poised to survive in some regulated capacity.

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