MonkeyBall Launches $MBS Trading and Announces NFT Drop

MonkeyBall Launches $MBS Trading and Announces NFT Drop
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Monkeyball, the play-to-earn soccer game, has debuted its much-anticipated $MBS token to cap off months of hard labor. As a result, the team's focus has shifted to the next Monkey NFT drop. The drop is a commendation to the project's progress thus far and a reminder of the project's future direction and aspirations.

The Monkeyball $MBS token can now be purchased on various exchanges and platforms. In addition, the token can be used for various purposes in the Monkeyball metaverse. These include in-store purchases and capsules for the breeding of new Monkeyball monkeys.

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MonkeyBall is a metaverse-based next-generation esports game that allows people to Create, Play, Compete, and Earn. MonkeyBall is a multiplayer game with a high production value that integrates Solana blockchain, NFTs, and decentralized money. They want to create a fun, turn-based, play-to-earn soccer game that is simple to learn yet difficult to master.

The Monkeyball team decided to build the Monkeyball on the Solana blockchain. They also used the Unity gaming engine to fire their play to win soccer games. Monkeyball Ventures strives to provide all players with a top-notch gaming experience. As a player, you will be in charge of a group of four monkeys that will compete against other groups. The game's winner will receive $MBS tokens. The winnings might be utilized to purchase stadiums or to attend other sporting events. Furthermore, partaking in these two activities results in additional benefits.

In addition, the debut of the Monkey NFT drop marks another turning point for the team. Before the game goes live, owning a Monkey NFT secures you a spot in the future game, as well as some tempting side benefits. Obtaining free consumable game materials and supplies, purchasing massively discounted consumable items and breeding capsules to train Monkey players, and purchasing fresh breeding catches to generate new cohorts of Monkeys are just a few of the advantages.

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