Music NFT Platform ‘Listen’ ($LSTN) Debuts NFT Sale with Huge Discount after Successful Fundraising

Music NFT Platform ‘Listen’ ($LSTN) Debuts NFT Sale with Huge Discount after Successful Fundraising
Photo by Marcela Laskoski / Unsplash

Listen, a music-focused NFT platform, has been making waves on the crypto airways as it nears the end of its fundraising on Launchpool, which witnessed a surge in demand for the music project. As a result, 2.7 million tokens, totaling USD 9.4 million, were invested by 3,000+ wallets. To mark this great fundraising effort, Tony Hollingsworth, CEO of The Listen Campaign, announced a significant increase in $LSTN utilities, including a 50% discount on Listen NFTs. He posited,

“We are quite delighted with the private sale of Listen Tokens ($LSTN). Following the first fundraising, we returned at the request of the Launchpool community to raise an additional $750,000 and $350,000 on Infinity Pad. With Lightning and IDO on the horizon, we decided to honor and compensate our faithful holders with this tremendous discount.”

The NFT auction will begin with a spectacular selection of never-before-seen performances by great artists like Stevie Wonder, Sting, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, BB King, George Michael, Jon Bon Jovi, and MC Hammer, among others.

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With the offered incentives, $LSTN token holders may compete to win one of 50 pairs of tickets to the “Listen Live” event at the Los Angeles Coliseum from June 20th to 22nd, 2022. The event will include dozens of films and musical acts. “To reward our most devoted holders,” Hollingsworth added, “those with larger holdings will unlock higher discounts, but we will offer more, including exclusive $LSTN auctions, staking privileges, and spot competitions and rewards.”

The Listen Campaign is a global public service announcement that will reach over 500 million individuals in 200 countries and nine languages. The program is aimed at over a billion vulnerable and poor youngsters worldwide. Notably, the Listen NFTs constitute a significant component of the Listen Campaign.

As part of the launch preparations, the team has set up its last IDO Launchpad with Lightning to increase the number of token holders, project supporters, and community members. After the security assessment is completed, the ‘Listen Collectibles Auction and Shop’ will be utilized to promote and execute the Token Generation Event (TGE) and NFT launches.

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