Mystery Loop Release NFT Collection For Sale

Mystery Loop Release NFT Collection For Sale
Photo by Jr Korpa / Unsplash

On Sunday, December 19, 2021, mystery loop launched a presale of their NFT collections in a public mint powered by the Solana blockchain. The tokens are listed at 1.5 SOL for any interested collector.  The mystery NFT collection comprises 5000 Non-fungible tokens, each with unique characteristics.

The mystery loop collection – hosted on Arweave – is made by a team of developers and blockchain enthusiasts.  Each token is a hand-drawn artwork with different attributes. Each artwork has about a hundred and eleven attributes generated from a combination that totals 868,296,000. Upon purchase, each recipient would have the ownership rights to a unique non-fungible token that is commercially useful.

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After purchase, each holder gains the privilege to become part of the mystery loop club. According to the mystery loop, members of the club stand to gain exclusive benefits.  Some of these benefits are:

· Random refunds for members – Members stand a chance to win a total refund of the price of their non-fungible tokens. However, these members would be selected at random intervals and by random means. As a result of this, selected members are able to invest without accruing any risks.

· Monthly mystery giveaways – Members selected through a prize draw get to win a share of twenty thousand euros on a monthly basis. In addition, high-ranking members would be given more tickets for these monthly draws.

· Members get access to events and quests incentivized with an entirely new token.

· Members also get to compete with other holders of the mystery loop NFT for points that may win them relevant prizes on the Solana blockchain.

The club would provide an alternative means to purchase their NFTs for those who would not make the purchase on the launch day. According to the mystery loop, the purchase will occur through one of their partners on the Solana blockchain.

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