Mytheria Launches 3,000 Pandora Packages on Binance’s NFT Marketplace

Mytheria Launches 3,000 Pandora Packages on Binance’s NFT Marketplace
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The gaming platform, Mytheria, is inspired by the idea of interfering with the legends of different nations where powerful gods fight various epic battles. The idea of bringing the platform into the NFT space was motivated by the desire to offer fun and excitement to the process of playing physical trading card games within a digital marketplace. As such, Mytheria utilizes blockchain technology to allow participants to own their cards, trade, and even place them up for auctions.

Players within the gaming community can decide on the gods and artwork pieces to be used in a game. Creators within the space can also earn real value during this process, and as such, it can be said that Mytheria is a gaming platform by the members of the community and for the community. The launch, which will feature the release of 3,000 pandora packages on the Binance NFT Marketplace, will be an Initial Game Offering (IG0). IGOs are typical NFT collections from foremost gaming assignments solely available on the Binance NFT Marketplace. The collections or Pandora packages will be launched over numerous rounds conducted by Mytheria.

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The Pandora packages, which will consist of 50 Diamonds and 2950 Gold packages, generally comprise several items such as main chests, which can either be Diamond or Gold, cards, and some lucky bonus chests. The Diamond Pandora package consists of one distinct Diamond chest and a unique bonus chest. Additionally, the chest contains 5 God/Spell/Mortal cards with 100% Legendary God, with a high probability of getting rare products than the gold chests. The special bonus chest comprises a random limited zodiac card.

On the other hand, the Gold Pandora package comprises 10 Gold chests and a standard bonus chest. The Gold chests consist of 5 Mortal/Spell/God cards and 100% rare God/Spell/Mortal and about 100% one epic God/Spell/Mortal and above. Additionally, the standard bonus chest 1.69% has a random limited immortal zodiac card, and 98.31% comes with a mysterious pet voucher that can be used in a later exchange for the Mytheria pet. Both gold and diamond chests will be available for opening during the future unpackaging program that is set to take place on the Mytheria website.

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