MythosWorld will take decentralised finance into a new world with gaming and cinema

MythosWorld will take decentralised finance into a new world with gaming and cinema

MythosWorld is a new community-empowered ecosystem bringing together aspects of DeFi and GameFi. It will take the form of a game which  players who are identified as ‘wizards’ can play to earn the native Mythos Token, as well as two feature films aiming for release in 2023 and beyond. The MythosWorld game, which forms the core of the MythosWorld ecosystem, is a jewel-match puzzle with RPG elements including Mythics, a levelling-up system and more. Unlike many of the project’s competitors, the gameplay is relatively accessible and will be of interest to casual players and RPG enthusiasts alive, while the play-to-earn aspect – referred to by the project’s creators as a ‘play-for-potions model’ – is likely to boost engagement and player retention.

The puzzle game will be complemented by a number of other activities wizards can participate in to improve their scores, earn Mythos Tokens and collect NFTs: PvP battles, referred to in the ecosystem as wizard wars; player versus environment (PvE) challenges that pit wizards against monsters; daily quests; a leaderboard that brings rewards for top-ranking players; clairvoyance, which allows players to set wagers; and the mercenary function, which supports the lending of Mythics.

crypto-space">A cinematic cycle to complement the crypto space

Two feature horror films will enrich the Mythos universe in the near future, offering a spin on two famed H.P. Lovecraft stories – Dunwich Horror and The Call of Cthulhu. These legendary works of speculative fiction, which feature elements of the supernatural, pre-human and extra-terrestrial, will be woven into an expansive, two-part tale produced by ACE Pictures Entertainment LLC. Among ACE’s accolades are Clemency, an American feature film which won the U.S. Dramatic Grand Jury Prize at the 2019 edition of the Sundance Film Festival, the top film festival in the USA and one of the most prestigious film events in the world. The films will form the basis of a set of NFTs based on design sketches, posters, props, mythical creatures, behind-the-scenes photos, soundtrack elements, exclusive director’s cuts and much more. The cinematic component of the Mythos universe will therefore enter into a positive feedback loop with the game, with both elements reinforcing each other’s popularity.

Tokenomics and early distribution

The Mythos Token will be available on Binance Smart Chain-backed decentralised exchange PancakeSwap, using the BEP-721 standard, an extension of Ethereum’s ERC-721 standard which is popular in the NFT community and compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The token will be capped at 300,000,000, though the potential total supply is unlimited. While the tokenomics are not inherently deflationary, the founders have not ruled out future mints or burns, allowing for a significant degree of flexibility when it comes to scaling.

In terms of distribution, 20% of the overall supply – or 60,000,000 Mythos Tokens – will be instantly unlocked for the benefit of the ecosystem fund. A further 20% will be devoted to the play-to-earn element of the MythosWorld game, with 2.5% unlocked each quarter over a two-year period. The staking and farming fund will unlock at a quarterly rate of 1.5% in the first year, rising to 2.0% quarterly in the second year before dropping back to 1.5% in the third year. The team and private sale allocations – 10% and 15% respectively – will also follow the curve pattern of the staking and farming fund. In the case of the team allocation, 1.5% will be unlocked each half year for the first and third years, with 2.0% unlocked twice over the course of the second year. For the private sale, 0.375% will be released monthly in the first and third years, with the figure rising to 0.5% on a monthly basis during the second year. 10% will unlock instantly for the public sale, with a final 5% allocated for the legal and advisory board. The issue price of the Mythos Token will be set at $0.15.

When to expect the ecosystem rollout

The MythosWorld journey began with an idea in early 2021, and was formalised with the company’s incorporation in the final quarter of the year, along with partnerships with leading Singapore-based mobile app development company SwagSoft Holdings Pte Ltd and ACE Pictures Entertainment LLC. Plans for early 2022 include token development, a smart contract audit and the private sale, with Q2 heralding closed-alpha gameplay, the development of the PvE gameplay element, support for staking and liquidity, and the listing of the game on the App Store and Google Play. NFTs are also set to roll out in the second quarter of the year. The staking mechanic along with the remaining game phases will launch in Q3 and Q4, unlocking deeper functionality, with the feature films following from 2023.

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