NBA Top Shot becomes most valuable NFT marketplace

NBA Top Shot becomes most valuable NFT marketplace

NBA Top Shot, brainchild of Dapper Labs has become the most valuable NFT marketplace.

Dapper Labs in its recent round of fundraising has received a whopping $305 million from a long list of celebrities in the entertainment and sports industry. This shoots the company's market estimate to $2.6 billion, becoming the most valuable NFT marketplace.

Among the long lineup of celebrities that participated in the recent fundraiser are; Grammy award-winning rapper 2Chainz, Oscar-nominated actor Will Smith, 2013-14 NBA MVP Kevin Durant, Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, 5-times NBA MVP Michael Jordan, and many others.

Developed as part of a collaborative effort with NBA, the NFT marketplace according to statistics from October 2020 to date has attracted over 800,000 users with $483 million logged in as sales.

According to Dapper Labs, this recent round of fundraising is expected to see NBA Top Shot expand to other sports beyond basketball. A possible move to UFC has been touted by the company.

Speaking to reporters about this achievement, Roham Gharegozlou, CEO of Dapper Labs revealed that the marketplace is reaching these unattainable heights because it leverages basketball fandom while offering millions of fans a viable avenue to connect with their favorite NBA teams.

Touting a possible move to other leagues beyond the NBA, Mr. Gharegozlou further revealed that it is the company's dream to help independent creators and entertainment studios find similar unique opportunities.

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