Ndau takes center stage as store of value

Ndau takes center stage as store of value

Everyone seems to be talking about cryptocurrency these days. Tesla and PayPal have made milestone announcements in the past month that are helping to push the industry forward. However, if you were to ask the average person about cryptocurrency, their minds would immediately go to bitcoin. There is a good reason for this as bitcoin is the cryptocurrency with the highest market cap and is the world’s most famous token.

If you step away from the bitcoin hype, however, there are many emerging gems in the cryptocurrency sector and one of these is Ndau, which has recently seen an investment of $1 million from Investview (INVU).

All About Ndau

When many of us think of the crypto market, our minds go to the constant volatility and price uncertainty associated with bitcoin and other popular tokens. While this makes for an exciting market to invest in, it makes many cryptos unreliable stores of value. Ndau is able to work around this common problem with its in-built price stabilization mechanisms.

This allows the currency to take advantage of its increased market demand while maintaining a stable price. Ndau operates with a proof-of-stake mechanism and this allows users to earn rewards when they stake their tokens for a given amount of time. These rewards are referred to as Ecosystem Alignment Incentives (EAI) and are paid directly to the user’s wallet app.

Ndau is also integrated with Cosmos Network’s ecosystem of applications. Investview justified the decision to invest in Ndau by claiming that it is not only a reliable store of value but also offers DeFi solutions to the masses, a combination that is not easily found in the crypto market.

‘‘We bought both Bitcoin and ndau, adding it to our treasury balance sheet, because we are confident that both these crypto currencies will provide our company more flexibility to further diversify and maximize returns on our cash.,” said Investview (“INVU”) Director of Finance Mario Romano.

The use of Ndau is also in line with Investview’s mission to bring financial education tools to the global stage. By investing in Ndau, Investview intends to bring the token to the global stage along with these tools. Ndau is already seeing an increase in growth, as its value has increased by 100% since November 2020.

A lot of this can be chalked up to its newfound institutional interest which, according to Ciarán Hynes, director of Oneiro the original developer of Ndau, is  “largely driven by greater social acceptance along with extraordinary interest from institutions, corporate treasuries, retail investors, and other big investors are warming to cryptocurrencies.”

The next step is to make Ndau more widely available, which is already being done with its listing on Bittrex where retail investors can try their hands on it. It is expected that both long-term HODLers and more cautious investors will be interested.

By CEO Joseph Cammarata’s account, the token “is viewed by crypto enthusiasts as a calmer, gentler ‘conservative digital currency’ appealing to the masses, one that’s specifically designed to be less volatile when held over the course of many years. It is also a virtual currency that is well suited to being held along with Bitcoin to help smooth out the ride.”

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