NEAR Protocol's 2.17% Bounce to $1.52: Key Metrics for Traders

NEAR Protocol's NEAR token has seen a moderate 2.17% price increase over the past 24 hours, bouncing to $1.52. With a market cap of $1.43 billion, NEAR remains a top 50 cryptocurrency project by valuation. Let's analyze the critical data behind this latest NEAR price movement.

Trading Volume Analysis

NEAR saw trading volume of $123.91 million over the past day. This points to healthy market interest and could signal the early stages of a new uptrend if volume continues rising. The 24-hour volume represents a noticeable increase from previous weeks, indicating traders are becoming more active.

Taking a granular view, NEAR is up a marginal 0.07% over the past hour. This points to potential consolidation around the $1.50 level in the very short-term. NEAR appears to be establishing support above its 20-day moving average near $1.45, which is an encouraging technical development.

Medium to Long-Term Price Activity

Looking wider, NEAR has gained 1.61% over the past week. More importantly, the token has surged nearly 17% over the past month, showing sustained positive momentum. However, NEAR remains down 34% in the past 6 months, giving the coin room to continue its recovery toward the $2.50 resistance area.

Market Outlook and NEAR Price Prediction

Given improving technicals but still-limited upside confirmation, NEAR may remain rangebound between $1.40 and $1.60 in the near-term. However, the bullish momentum could accelerate rapidly with increased volume and a decisive break above short-term overhead resistance. NEAR looks poised to retest key levels around the $2.00 area if momentum builds.

Should You Buy NEAR at Current Prices?

With NEAR bouncing off recent swing lows, is now a good opportunity to buy? Or is it better to wait for a more decisive breakout?

Dollar cost averaging around current levels makes sense for long-term holders. Still, consider waiting for increased volume and a move above $1.75 before significantly expanding exposure. NEAR shows positive signs, but faces resistance around the $2.00 area. Prudent risk management as always remains key. But accumulation by long-term investors could pay off if NEAR breaks out.

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