New journey for YOP as it gets funded by a London stock exchange-listed company

In recent news, YOP announced that they acquired funding from Pires Investments Plc, a London Stock Exchange-listed ($PIRI) company. Unlike other general cryptocurrency funding, YOP had to go through a rigorous process of declaring its value to Pires before they got funded. It took them approximately seven weeks to finally achieve their goal.

To show his contentment, YOP founder Atif Yaqub mentioned,

“We are excited to have Pires Investments Plc on board and look forward to the growth of decentralized finance with the experience and network Pires brings to YOP.”

Along with being listed on the London Stock Exchange, Pires is also known for its investments in next-generation technology companies. It has previously funded projects of IoT, Cyber Security, AI, AR/VR. Therefore, Pires’s experience will help YOP in coming up with the correct practices and methodologies.

YOP, on the flip side, moves towards growth and development in the cryptocurrency world with its DeFi yield optimization platform. With the crypto community pushing DeFi to mainstream adoption, YOP will be able to get bigger in the coming years.

Plus, it is planning to deploy the yPlatform, $YOP, and yProtocol. All these together will bring in further benefits for the current and future users of YOP.

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