NFL Tom Brady Launches NFT Series Highlighting Early Career

NFL Tom Brady Launches NFT Series Highlighting Early Career
Photo by Tu Trinh / Unsplash

The NFL star Tom Brady unveils a new NFT collection with items from his early football career. Earlier this year, Brady introduced the Autograph NFT platform, which incorporates NFTs of tennis ace Naomi Osaka and other famous sports and athletics figures.

Tom Brady is not new to the NFT world, and his initial collections accumulated massive sales. His new "Live Forever: The Tom Brady Origins Collection," which includes 16,600 memorabilia from Brady's early NFL years, will be available to existing NFT holders before it goes on general sale. Starting at 5 pm ET on Dec. 7, 2021, holders of a Preseason Access Pass can begin collecting, and the public drop will start on Dec. 9 while supplies remain. Access Passes from the first Tom Brady autograph drop are non-transferable.

For preseason pass holders, DraftKings offers a mystery container that may be purchased. Brady's College Resume, Rookie Draft Card, Combine Stopwatch, Combine Cleats, and Combine Jersey are all possibilities in the mystery boxes. The NFL Scout Combine takes place every February. Brady was one of the last to be picked in the 2000 edition when aspiring NFT players were asked to participate in physical and mental testing in front of NFL management and coaching officials.

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On Dec. 9, 2021, the drop will be open to the general public. Depending on their rarity, these collectibles can be classified into Carbon, Platinum, Emerald, Sapphire, or Ruby categories. Additionally, an Immortal Statue of a particular rarity may be obtained by collecting five artifacts of the same rarity by the "Activation Deadline." The Reveal Date, Dec. 14, 2021, allows users to open mystery boxes.

The entertainment powerhouse Lionsgate and the online sports betting site, DraftKings, have also signed agreements with Brady's NFT platform. To celebrate the 2021 holiday season, Brady planned to give NFTs to his friends and family. Brady and his Autograph team began organizing the next NFT drop as soon as they saw the success of the previous one.

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