NFL player receives salary in Bitcoin

NFL player receives salary in Bitcoin

With a ton of sports brands turning on Bitcoin and the nascent trend, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Sean Culkin Kansas City Chief football player has become arguably the first NFL player to take the entirety of his annual salary in Bitcoin.

The 27-year-old athlete and fifth-year tight end in what has been described as an impressive move will become the very first National Football League (NFL) player to receive his full salary in Bitcoin. Speaking to reporters, the football player called this a generational move.

While financial analysts have spoken against his decision, the Kansas City Chief player further disclosed that while this may not be an ideal financial decision to most people, judging by the volatile nature of the crypto market, his conviction and belief in the immense potential of Bitcoin spearheaded this move.

Surprisingly, Sean isn't the only NFL player getting paid in Bitcoin. Russell Okung, the Panthers’ offensive tackle, seeing through his 2019 tweet is presently receiving a part of his annual salary in Bitcoin.

While Culkin takes the entirety of his $920,000 base salary in Bitcoin, Russell only takes half of his $13 million annual salary in the premier coin, with the other half being paid in fiat.

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