NFT art comes to India Capital

NFT art comes to India Capital
Photo by Naveed Ahmed / Unsplash

DAZE is an exhibition of 30 artists and curators from India's NFT scene, who have gathered in Delhi to display their most current works (Decentralized Art Zone). This exhibition, organized by the Cryptoart India Collective, features the work of 10 established NFT artists and 20 artists who were selected through an open call. The curators include Cyber Shakti, Amrit Pal Singh, Mehak Jain, A Nadamel, Jatin Pathi, Prasad Bhat, Melvin Thambi, Shivani Mitra, Vishesh Chopra, and Barthazian.

Priyanka Balwa, alias CyberShakti, a curator and NFT artist, says the event's goal is to highlight some of India's brightest, hottest, and most successful NFT artists, as well as introduce people to the world of NFTs. Her last remark: "For those who don't know what NFTs are, we provide seminars and sessions that explain to you what they are," she says. Anyone who enters will be greeted with works of art that showcase India's rising star in the art world. People who are just starting out require mentors and advisors to whom they may ask even the most ridiculous inquiries. That is why we're here, for the sake of both art and information.

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Amrit Pal Singh, an artist known for his work with toy faces, says,

"With the introduction of NFTs, digital art has begun to be viewed on the same pedestal as conventional art... I believe this is a good thing."

That divide between conventional and digital art is bridged every time we display an NFT at a real-world event. People have been making, selling, and auctioning NFTs online since the epidemic started. Make things physical and meet the NFT community face-to-face through events like this one. More individuals will join the NFT because of it.

Alappuzha, a homage to Fabin Rasheed's homeland in Kerala, is an example of digital art becoming widespread in India and throughout the globe, says the artist, Fabin Rasheed. In addition to being a dynamic piece of art that varies depending on the weather, time of year, seasons, and more, this piece of art was built only using code. "I'm trying to express my sentiments about a location that has healed me and that I call home via this work," he admits.

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