NFT Campaign Clinches Prominent Advertising Spot in Hong Kong, China

NFT Campaign Clinches Prominent Advertising Spot in Hong Kong, China
Photo by Kylie Cheung / Unsplash

Contrary to what passengers and passers-by would expect as an advert on the subway stations of Central Hong Kong, which is one of the stations in the city with the most traffic of 7.5 million, they were welcome with a humongous banner advertising NFTs. In particular, the advert campaign is a project named 'Delirious Mind Travelers.' This NFT project was initiated by a group of four recent bachelor degree holders who intended to sell cartoons and koalas in their digital form. They have been diligent enough to have bought the most strategic advertising spot in the city of Hong Kong. To state how huge the advert was, the banner is 200 meters long, now imagine that! It is conspicuous and unavoidably noticeable.

The purpose of the advertisement is to bring to the attention of the resident of Hong Kong that NFTs are the current trend and are very lucrative. In fact, in the words of one of the members of a community based in Hong Kong called Degenerate Ape, who chose to be called by the name of his NFT, Burger Bob, to South China Morning Post, he said:

"Booming cryptocurrencies and NFTs have made a lot of people very rich over the past months."

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He further stated that the surface was just being scratched. The wordings of the Delirious Mind Travelers' advert include:

"NFTs: Art with utility. More than just a JPEG,"
"NFTs going mainstream is inevitable,"
"Three letters. Infinite potential."

The intention of the owners is to use these statements to draw the attention of people and create awareness for its upcoming sales of NFTs slated before the end of January.

This is coming after other collectors and communities in Hong Kong have launched different campaigns to sell NFTs. An example is the Degenerate Ape Academy's 90 seconds advertisement on the huge curved advert screen outside the popular Lan Kwai Fong, wishing people a merry Christmas.

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