NFT interactive artwork project that supports creativity shows promise

Former Tampa Bay Rays baseball player Micah Johnson has developed a Non-Fungible Token that is a part of an interactive artwork project to help two African American boys fulfill their dreams through Bitcoin donations from crypto holders. The artwork will go live on Async Art on Oct. 29. Inspired by many children’s dream job, the artwork spotlights a door between an astronaut and two kids. With each real-time donation, the door is open and any contributor. The hope is that the NFT’s will transform digital art. The “Bitcoin birthday contribution” will close on the boys’ 18th birthdays with all the BTC donations in hardware and paper wallets will be delivered to them.

Johnson’s representative shared his thoughts:

“[Micah] Johnson is illuminating new and innovative means to combine art and blockchain technology to showcase how Bitcoin has the ability to provide a liberating alternative financial system to the black community, which have notoriously been victims of a racist and oppressive banking system.”

Why it matters: NFTs hold incredible potential to revolutionize how digital objects are created and owned. In addition to art, and NFT could be used to create ownership over physical objects that are unique. For the moment, most nations don't recognize NFTs as a legal way to transfer ownership, and it may be some time before the legal framework to do this is in place. Additionally, NFTs can also be used to make totally unique digital artwork that exists on a blockchain. This kind of artwork could be a perfect way for people to publish work that may not be popular, and also create a one-off or limited edition that can be sold at a premium to collectors before the file is released in an unlimited edition.

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