NFT-token of Armenia 10-episode film sold for $8,000

NFT-token of Armenia 10-episode film sold for $8,000
Photo by Rafael Ishkhanyan / Unsplash

An NFT token was sold for 3.8 million drams (approximately $8,000) by the producers of the Armenian ten-episode film 'Musk Factor,' depicting the colonization of Mars. NFT coins were reportedly shown at the OpenSea platform, according to the project's press release. Musk Factor's General Producer Raphael Tadevosyan said that NFT coins would be popular in 2022. Artists (illustrators, painters) find them particularly appealing since they can digitize and sell their work.

He went on to say that NFT is a digital asset whose copyrights may be sold since it is an excellent intellectual work. Even a simple tweet may be a kind of NFT. According to Tadevosyan,

"that our community is getting into the NFT game is impressive. We are ecstatic that the NFTs we have developed have attracted so much attention from throughout the world."

Throughout the 10-episode Musk Factor, virtual reality and artificial intelligence technologies are given prominent roles. In addition, Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto is shown as Jesus Christ's second coming in the narrative set in 2032, and the novel's conclusion entirely refutes Einstein's theory of relativity.

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Elon Musk had already colonized Mars at that point. To aid with the migration of humanity to Mars, an Armenian engineer has been sent to the red planet. For his father, Adam has a digital clone of him created by his father, an engineer, who passed away a few years ago.

Adam and his buddies launched a social network that employs technology to generate virtual human clones to expand the concept. However, to grow the business, the buddies will have to deal with issues like generating money, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the employees, and spotting potential employees.

Beginning in January 2021, production on the Musk Factor comedic episodes will be completed by summer 2022, according to the show's current release date. Raphael Tadevosyan, the show's executive producer and author of the five million-subscriber-strong Luxury Food London blog, is a well-known name in worldwide public relations and media.

As a result of the initiative, Armenian films will be more widely available on the world's most popular streaming platforms.

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