NFTically powers BollyCoin NFT Marketplace in Bollywood's Biggest NFT drop yet

NFTically powers BollyCoin NFT Marketplace in Bollywood's Biggest NFT drop yet
Photo by Balaji Malliswamy / Unsplash

NFTically, India's first global NFT marketplace, has partnered with BollyCoin for their next Dabangg NFT drop, which famous producer Arbaaz Khan will produce. BollyCoin's NFTically-powered store is scheduled to open on December 30 and will showcase collectibles from Salman Khan's Dabangg series. The abundance of collectibles, which include posters, unique videos, and photographs, results in the most extensive NFT drop in India to date.

NFT drops are technologically sophisticated procedures that include a variety of difficulties such as Smart Contracts, traffic management, security, and backend optimization. NFTically's globally benchmarked technology guarantees that the process for collectors and producers selling their digital assets as NFTs is as painless as possible. At the moment, NFTically powers over 3000 shops, making it one of the biggest and most popular NFT marketplace producers.

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Toshendra Sharma, Founder, and CEO of NFTically, said regarding the partnership,

"NFTically takes satisfaction in propelling BollyCoin to the greatest volume decrease in the country's history. This decline is an incredible opportunity for anybody wanting to get high-quality NFTs. We expect more traffic as a result of Salman Khan's fame. There is rising interest in collecting digital tokens, and our objective is to guarantee that the process runs smoothly, not only for producers and sellers but also for purchasers, to ensure that we all contribute to the ecosystem's maintenance."

"We are thrilled to have worked with NFTically; the partnership has given us confidence that the drop will go as smoothly as possible," stated Armand Poonawala, Co-Founder and Director, BollyCoin. NFTically, a platform that enables users to construct their White-label marketplace, had an astounding 220% increase in user growth over the previous quarter. Additionally, while celebrity interest in NFTs has increased, lesser producers have joined to mint and commercialize their digital goods.

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