NFTs this past week

NFTs this past week

Another day in the year 2021, and of course, there's someone somewhere currently auctioning non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on any of the marketplaces. Yes, NFTs are the next big thing and everyone, brands included are keen on getting a bite off this $29 billion market.

As the glorious week comes to an end, BTC Peers will be reviewing some of the seemingly insignificant NFT drops of the last seven days. For the uninitiated, NFTs are basically digital representations of assets.

Philips NFT Auction

Auction house Philips in an attempt to follow Christie’s footsteps has ventured into the budding NFT market by creating artwork.

Titled “Replicator”, this artwork is simply a clip of a philosopher. According to the London-based auction house, the twist to this NFT is that it will be able to produce additional NFTs over time.

M.I.A’s NFTs

English rapper M.I.A in collaboration with Foundation marketplace put up her artworks for sale as NFTs. These NFTs according to the politically-themed rapper are clips of her back in the 90s doing a couple of weird dances.

100 Thieves NFTs

This gaming and lifestyle brand co-owned by multiple award-winning rapper Drake this past week dived into the world of NFTs with collections ranging from logo-imposed animations of spinning galaxies to other brand-themed collectibles.

According to the Los Angeles-based brand, eight distinct versions of these animations have been produced and will be auctioned as NFTs.

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