NFTs with utility; Haste unveils player cards

NFTs with utility; Haste unveils player cards

With a ton of brands and celebrities alike jumping on the emerging NFT trend, Bitcoin gaming platform Haste is keen on entering this nascent yet budding market, albeit differently.

Unlike the other NFT auctions and collectibles we've seen, the Haste company takes things up a notch by launching the Haste Player Card (HPC), a token with utility and immense benefits to holders.

The Haste Player Card, according to the official press release is a unique NFT that rewards users with 10% of their total spend after every gameplay. Regular players would find it beneficial to hold their Haste Player Cards to recover some of their spendings.

Outside of holding these cards and recouping 10% of your total spending, HPC’s can also be traded on the unique and decentralized Haste marketplace. For every resale, sellers earn 80% commission, and each time a card is minted, the original owner receives 10% of the traded value.

Already in its beta phase, users will have to pay a $99 equivalent of BSV coin, Haste’s native currency to mint tokens at the moment.

The launch of these player cards is proof yet again of the disruptive and compatible nature of non-fungible tokens.

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