Nivea Debuts its First Non-Fungible Tokens, and They are for Free

Nivea Debuts its First Non-Fungible Tokens, and They are for Free
Photo by NIKHIL KESHARWANI / Unsplash

One of the most recognizable brands in the skincare sector, Nivea has entered the realm of non-fungible tokens or NFTs. The German personal care company has joined the digital asset game by collaborating with Italian visual artist Clarissa Baldassarri to demonstrate the "value of touch."

Nivea and Baldassarri are producing NFTs highlighting the importance of touch to people. The skincare business hopes to represent the worth of touch via digital art and then distribute them as blockchain-based commodities.

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Clarissa Baldassarri is disabled due to a transient vision impairment suffered when she began her career as an artist. As a result, most of her artwork emphasizes the uneven value of human contact.

According to Fashion United, Nivea also aims to demonstrate the true power of touch after a survey in which 88 percent of respondents said that sight is the most powerful sense, followed by hearing. The NFTs were designed using a raised line sketching kit.

The package includes a rigid rubber-coated board and a thin plastic sheet. Baldassarri created the raised line using a metal awl, the same instrument that was employed in the production of Braille writings.

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Nivea's NFT will consist of a series of limited edition crypto-based works of art. Art and cryptocurrency aficionados may anticipate designs that stress the significance of a single touch and the positive impact on the world. However, the most significant part is that the firm provides these NFTs for free since the company feels that touch should be available to everyone.

"Human touch is a strong sense because it links us physically and emotionally to people and the environment around us," the journal reported Tobias Collée, worldwide vice president of Nivea, as saying. "We aim to assist individuals in rediscovering the world via touch."

Beiersdorf Global AG, the parent company of Nivea, remarked in a separate news release:

"When loneliness takes up more space in people's life, human contact and feeling connected to others may make a significant impact."

'The Value of Touch' is a component of NIVEA's brand mission unveiled in January 2021: 'Care for Human Touch to Inspire Togetherness.'

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