Nornickel Enters Forbes Blockchain 50 List Second Year in Row

Nornickel Enters Forbes Blockchain 50 List Second Year in Row
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

For the second consecutive year, mining giant Nornickel became the only Russian company to be included in Forbes Blockchain 50, the list of global digitization leaders.

In recent years, the company has been pushing for the digitalization of assets by creating financial products both for investors in Europe and for long-term partners – major commodity producers and traders.

The Global Palladium Fund (GPF), established by Nornickel, tokenized the company’s metal on the Atomyze platform, offering the market a convenient, reliable and easy way to invest, and the customers a transparent, traceable supply chain.

Nornickel's digital transformation program involves different partners and has many stages.

One of the last stages is the most important achievement of the Nornickel-backed blockchain platform Atomyze, the Russian branch of which recently received a license from the country’s monetary watchdog to issue and circulate digital financial assets (DFAs), such as asset-based tokens. Atomyze Russia thus became the first company to receive such an important license from the central bank.

The Forbes Blockchain 50 2022 ranking includes many industrial, financial and IT corporations, including such giants as Allianz, Aon, Baidu, Boeing, Visa, Walmart. Global corporations are increasingly using "distributed ledger" technology because they want to speed up their business processes, increase transparency and save billions of dollars in the long term.

Walmart uses blockchain to track shipments from suppliers and reduce the risk of product spoilage and contamination, Seagate uses blockchain to detect and prevent counterfeiting, and Boeing uses blockchain to protect data from an aircraft's GPS receiver.

Nornickel, on the other hand, is using blockchain to enable all parties to the transaction to track not only the origin, but also the environmental integrity of its metals and guarantee the transparency of the entire supply chain. Experts believe that the Atomyze ecosystem will make everyday transactions more flexible, environmentally responsible and profitable.

Forbes has been forming the top of blockchain leaders since 2019.

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