One Night Gallery unveils first virtual reality NFT

One Night Gallery unveils first virtual reality NFT

One Night Gallery, Romania’s first new media art store, for the first time is launching two distinct and unique works of art created in virtual reality (VR) as non-fungible tokens.

Created by Victor Fota and Raluca Bararu of Romanian descent, these VR artworks have been put up for auction on the OpenSea and Foundation NFT marketplaces. Like a few of the other auctions on the OpenSea platform, these artworks will be bought with ETH.

Featuring immersive, truly engaging, and well-created 360 scenes, this VR artwork was modeled by these artists in the course of 10 sessions. Fully modeled, they were post-processed and innovatively animated by specialist Mihai Cojocaru.

A hybrid of their unique styles, this is the first time their respective artworks have been turned into virtual reality. Leveraging blockchain technology and the booming NFT marketplace, Fota and Bararu in collaboration with One Night Gallery are pioneering a new movement in the NFT and VR space.

Mike Beeple's $69.3 million artwork which featured on BTC Peers’ most expensive NFT sales of the past quarter laying a fine precedent, has spurred artists from all over the world to embrace this new technology as they seek to get paid in full for their art.

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