OpenLive NFT, Pioneer NFT Marketplace Receives Investment from Ufin Venture

OpenLive NFT, Pioneer NFT Marketplace Receives Investment from Ufin Venture
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In 2021, the NFT and NFT Marketplace exploded on the Blockchain market. As a result, there has been a surge in interest in NFT. NFT Market cap rose by 1785% in 2021, generating liquidity in the billions of dollars. OpenLive NFT operates as the marketplace, a decentralized exchange platform where users may create NFT, buy and sell NFT, and store NFT. This may deliver a one-of-a-kind experience, assist investors in earning a profit, and contribute to the expansion of the NFT industry.

To become the greatest NFT marketplace in Asia, OpenLive NFT incorporates a number of cutting-edge technologies, including Omni-chain, to maximize the user experience. OpenLive NFT just announced a funding round led by Ufin Ventures. UFIN focuses on four areas: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Next-Generation Trading (NFT), and Cloud Computing. They aspire to become a top technology firm in the UK and around the globe by delivering maximum value to clients. With Ufin's collaboration and investment in OpenLive, this initiative has the potential to be a significant one in the near future.

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The project's plan indicates that it will begin releasing its demo in the second quarter of 2022. OpenLive NFT's mission is to revolutionize the NFT industry by acting as a platform connecting content producers and artists with investors and collectors. Not only that, with their superior technology, OpenLive NFT serves as the validator for each artwork uploaded to the site. This contributes to lowering the danger of users being attacked by rogue smart contract code.

Additionally, with a passionate development team, OpenLive NFT aspires to conserve and enhance the thousands of years of civilization that our forefathers handed to our generation; as such, the team is planning to add Vietnamese-cultural NFTs to the platform.

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