OpenZeppelin completes an audit of Alpha Homora V2

OpenZeppelin completes an audit of Alpha Homora V2

Alpha Homora V2 has been fully audited by OpenZeppelin. The full audit report will be publicly released in the next few weeks, a move that the company believes will reinforce its commitment to security and transparency.

The recent audit brings the project a step closer to the re-launching of Alpha Homora V2. According to the team, V2 will feature the re-enabling of borrowing/opening new leveraged positions, leverage pools, lending assets, and other new functionalities.

Before the recent audit conducted by OpenZeppelin, V2 had already been audited by Quantstamp and Peckshield. The Alpha Finance Lab team explained:

Multiple audits are one key component in our multi-facet security model. Alpha is committed to not only securing our ecosystem but setting a new standard for building robust DeFi protocols: and our multi-faceted approach to security is the key.

Alpha Finance has put several mechanisms in place to secure the project. In addition to multiple audits from external firms, its security model also includes continuous internal and external peer reviews and an active bug reward program that is near completion.

By engaging in multiple external audits, continuous internal and external peer reviews, and implementing internal monitoring tools and bug bounty programs, Alpha is staying committed to placing security at the forefront of our growing ecosystem.

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