Original Artwork of McLaren Racing Abu Dhabi GP Livery to Be Made Available as NFT

Original Artwork of McLaren Racing Abu Dhabi GP Livery to Be Made Available as NFT
Photo by Steve Johnson / Unsplash

The original artwork that inspired McLaren Racing's 2021 livery for the last race in Abu Dhabi is being auctioned digitally, with the revenues going to charity because of great demand. McLaren Racing and its long-time partner, BAT's worldwide vapor brand Vuse, have granted artist Rabab Tantawy artistic freedom over the livery of the NFT, "Together As One," which launches on December 20th. As a result, she created history by becoming the first Middle Eastern female artist to display her work on a race car livery during a Grand PrixTM race.

Vuse's Driven by Change project, which promotes the work and interests of underrepresented creatives, was launched with an exclusive piece by Rabab. There will be possibilities like Rabab had in Abu Dhabi for creators throughout the globe who want to help make a positive impact on the world of racing via their work.

As part of Rabab's "Together As One" campaign, the Nubian Series*** tee has the McLaren Racing papaya and blue color scheme. Nubian figures, which Rabab is enthusiastic about exploring both on and off the canvas, inspired and motivated the artwork for the livery's livery design.

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According to Rabab Tantawy,

"Hundreds of people have reacted positively to the new look. People from all over the globe have contacted me to inquire about purchasing an NFT of my artwork, and I am so pleased to be making my very first one! One of my favorite charities, Driven By Diversity, will benefit from selling this limited-edition sculpture. Under-represented groups in the racing business will get access and possibilities thanks to this wonderful organization, which will help everyone wishing to share their passion as I did in Abu Dhabi!"

Driven By Diversity (DBD), a non-profit organization that promotes diversity and inclusion in racing, will receive all proceeds from the sale of one NFT through the Objkt platform (excluding any transaction costs or commissions retained by third-party platforms). In addition, driven By Diversity will also receive any royalty payments emerging from the conditions of the NFT (again excluding any transaction fees or commissions held by third-party platforms).

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