Over $1 Billion worth of BTC moved; who and to where?

Stats from BTC Block Bot, an automated Twitter account that tracks Bitcoin movements, reveal that some whales are moving their bitcoins. In the last 24 hours, nearly $1.5 billion worth of BTC has been moved across wallets.

The first Bitcoin whale moved 23,967 BTC worth $463 million from one unknown wallet to another. The sending wallet now has less than $5 in it. Within a few minutes, another unidentified wallet moved 24,492 BTC worth $473 million to another unknown account, leaving the sending wallet empty. Before emptying the second account, it was the 27thlargest bitcoin account in the world, according to BitInfoCharts.

Barely 25 minutes later, another unidentified wallet moved 32,352 bitcoins worth around $627 million to a newly created wallet. And similar to the first two transactions, the sending wallet is also empty, with less than $5.

It is worth stating that all three accounts appear to have sent a test transaction of 1 bitcoin before sending the remaining large sums. This striking similarity when combined with

the time interval suggests that all three transactions could be from the same individual or institution.

As of press time, none of the addresses have been linked to any individual, custody provider, or crypto exchange. It is also still unclear why the whale or whales are moving funds around at this time. Some traders are however suggesting that the transfers could be linked to MicroStrategy’s recently completed $650 million bond sale.

There have also been reports that Bitcoin and Ethereum are moving from exchanges into cold storage.

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