Ozzy Osbourne Announces CryptoBatz NFT Collection

Ozzy Osbourne Announces CryptoBatz NFT Collection
Photo by Artem Kovalev / Unsplash

The new CryptoBatz NFT collection by Ozzy Osbourne has been announced. The Prince of Darkness is the newest musician to try his hand at the NFT game, and he is doing it in grand fashion. Coinciding with the moment Ozzy reportedly gnawed the skull off one of the flying night-time monsters during a show, the CryptoBatz collection comprises 9,666 NFT bats.

These NFTs are not your typical, stagnant NFT. In what they call a "world-first feature," the CryptoBatz can "bite" another NFT from the collection, resulting in "MutantBatz" that have the characteristics of both NFTs attached to them. Ozzy has given each bat's characteristics his stamp of approval.

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"A Bored Ape for Christmas was out of the question after multiple fruitless efforts to get one, but instead of giving up, I decided to construct my own!" he stated in a news statement. "CryptoBatz is an insane initiative for NFT collectors and lovers. One of my most memorable on-stage experiences has been immortalized in a unique piece of art history. Oh, how I adore it!"

The previous night (December 27) on Discord, the allowlist pre-sale of NFTs commenced. It is assured that the first 2,500 individuals who join up for the CryptoBatz website in early February will have their hands on a CryptoBat 48 hours before the public release. One CryptoBat per wallet is allowed for the general public; however, three CryptoBatz are available to those who apply successfully.

According to a press statement, another real-world use for NFTs is expected to arrive in early 2022. For CyrptoBatz owners, this new set of bats, dubbed AncientBatz, will serve as a "treasure hunt," with AncientBatz "scattered over the world in concealed spots." Additionally, a single AncientBat may now produce up to 100 MutantBatz due to its increased biting power of up to 100 times each bite.

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