Panama-based Piccolo Inu partners with Larva Games Studio to launch NFT Play-2-Earn games

Panama-based Piccolo Inu partners with Larva Games Studio to launch NFT Play-2-Earn games
Photo by Sean Do / Unsplash

Panama-based Piccolo Inu ($PINU) announced a strategic partnership with Larva Game Studios, a Mexico-based gaming firm to launch a new string of Play-2-Earn (P2E) trading card games running on the Ethereum blockchain. The partnership is set to give players a way to earn through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) while maintaining the collector’s spirit within the game. According to a statement, players will collect trading cards that vary in rarity ranging from common to ultra-rare, and enter battles with players worldwide or within the same locality.

As the players collect more trading cards, they will be rewarded with ERC-20 tokens, $PINU, which are then traded for in-game purchases or withdrawn and sold for fiat currency.

The latest partnership in the P2E space coincides with the explosive growth of Play-2-Earn games. Play-2-Earn games designate a category of increasingly popular games that leverage blockchain technology to reward players with digital objects of real-world—or at least crypto-world — and financial value. Over the past few months, the P2E games industry has grown in popularity, adoption, and value as players gain monetarily from the games.

With the metaverse still at its budding stage, the partnership between Piccolo Inu and Larva Games aims to give the firms a step forward in blockchain P2E gaming and NFTs. The reward token, $PINU, has so far amassed wide traction in the crypto space, less than two months after launch, with over 14,000 investors already and 5 major centralized exchanges listings.

Announced Friday, the P2E game already completed its pre-production phase and is currently in the full production stage of development, a statement from the Larva Game Studios read. The team consists of experienced game developers in web, console, and mobile-based games. Larva and Piccolo Inu are currently in the process of creating the Game Development Document (GDD) which will lay out all of the game mechanics and serve as a blueprint for the developers in addition to giving investors a deep understanding of the core gameplay mechanics.

The game is expected to fully launch by the end of 2022, with the beta version expected to release in the second quarter of 2022. The game will first be released in the web version (any Web3 browser is compatible) and later the Android and iOS versions will be released. Piccolo Inu further stated that 2% of all token purchases and sales will be redistributed to investors. Users will also be able to stake their tokens and provide liquidity in exchange for rewards of up to 92.34% APR.

Finally, the partnership will also look at the possibility of adding Augmented Reality (AR) games in the future to enable players to search for NFTs in their real-world environment and battle their friends in real-time. In the long term, the teams will also build a complete metaverse to provide players with a better gaming experience and more ways to play and earn tokens on the platform.

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