Path of Survival Set To Launch RPG Play-to-Earn (PtE) Off-Chain Game

Path of Survival Set To Launch RPG Play-to-Earn (PtE) Off-Chain Game

Path of Survival is preparing to launch a state-of-the-art, unique RPG Play-to-Earn (PtE) Off-Chain game. According to the founding team, the game is currently "steaming," and the world should anticipate its launch. With the gaming industry undergoing widespread growth, especially in blockchain-based gaming, in a bid to further its expansion and satisfy the rising number of gaming enthusiasts, the studio behind Path of Survival will ensure players who bring value to the gaming domain receive a financial reward for playing.

Overview of the Path of Survival Game

The real-time strategic game is ladder-based, incorporating leveling and experience gaining via fighting in the two currently envisaged modes, Player-vs-Environment (PvE) and Player-vs-Player (PvP). Additional fighting modes, such as Tournaments, Dungeons, and Clan Wars are also scheduled for development.

In the process of leveling, players’ champions increase their stats. Moreover, players also have control over specific character “skills”, used to better assert dominance and control over their opponents during fights.

Monthly leaderboards will allow players to contest for both in-game and real-life rewards. Although players strive to be the best gamers via features like professions, combating opponents and bosses, and increasing their skills, they also have the opportunity to improve their strategic thinking through the implemented fighting mechanism.

Consequently, one can consider the game as a fusion between a basic chess game and the favorite traditional old-school RPGs. Focusing on character development, Path of Survival provides grounds for the discrepancy in the ladder-based competitive sphere.

Players also farm the game’s native Survival Coin (SRV) together with itemized Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the form of jewelry, armory, weaponry, etc.

The off-chain mechanism for the large chunk of the game’s content provides an opportunity for players to enjoy the game without paying gas fees for every single action. Expanding on this, all game items will be merchandisable both on on-chain or via the in-game marketplace through no other channel but Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Path of Survival Game; it’s Succinct Future

One of the core game ideas is advancing the control of the digital assets of players by introducing the Play-to-Earn contrivance. With the Path of Survival on-chain game, players will have the opportunity to improve their proficiency and practical knowledge of blockchain technology digital assets application by participating in the game.

Aside from building a regionalized gaming economy, Path of Survival proposes a comical and entertaining experience for players, hence, instituting grounds for healthy community development encompassing the blockchain ecosystem. The game focuses on strategic combat-based decision making, intending to inspire creativity among gamers via their partiaking in diverse systems.

The Promising Benefits of Path of Survival Game

Few among numerous benefits the unique Play-to-Earn (PtE) off-chain game promises to offer involve:

  • It is a unique turn-based strategy with a clan system
  • The game will feature a public database where gamers will have the opportunity to track everything happening in the game.
  • There is a high chance of adapting the game rewards based on the community's needs, especially when the distribution in the smart contract is not pre-locked
  • A big and renowned studio is currently working on the product

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