Pipe-smoking CryptoPunk NFT sells for $7.56 million

Pipe-smoking CryptoPunk NFT sells for $7.56 million

The craze for NFTs is anything but far from over. A pipe-smoking teal-colored alien NFT has been sold for a whopping 4,200 Ethereum, equivalent to $7.56 million.

CryptoPunk #7804 is just one of many high-profile purchases of non-fungible tokens (NFT). However, according to NFT data aggregator, the sale has set a new record for the highest amount paid for an NFT.

BTC PEERS earlier reported that CryptoPunks dominated the NFT marketplace, closely trailing NBA Top Shot. The collection of 10,000 unique-character NFTs has been the rave of the moment, with investors throwing huge sums at these 24x24 pixel “punky-looking” art images.

CryptoPunk #7804 is an alien and just one of nine similar art pieces in the collection of 10,000. Its unique features such as its pipe, cap, and shades are shared by a few other CryptoPunks.

The NFT was put up for sale on February 27 for 4,200 ETH. At that time, it was worth around $6 million. After several lower bids, the digitalized token finally sold for its original price. The recent sale displaces other previous record-holders featuring CryptoPunk apes and zombies.

Meanwhile, data on CryptoSlam shows that CryptoPunks have surpassed NBA Top Shot.

Source: CryptoSlam

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