Planetarium Labs Unveils Two Pioneering Blockchain Gaming Titles At Korea Blockchain Week

SEOUL, Sept 6, 2023: Planetarium Labs, a community-driven Web3 gaming company that builds immersive and moddable experiences for users around the world, announced two new titles at Korea Blockchain Week (KBW) during the Web3 Game Unplugged event co-hosted by Animoca Brands and Intella X. The new games are expected to take the gaming community by storm, building on the success of Nine Chronicles, Planetarium’s first fully on-chain idle RPG game.

The unveiling kicked off with Verse8, an open-source decentralized roguelike RPG protocol featuring a universe of moddable games that bring together multiplayer experiences, vibrant gaming communities, and virtual economies. Designed and crafted around an intricate multiverse backstory, Verse8 takes traditional online RPG to new heights. Armed with powerful and intuitive tools for world generation, distribution and monetization, creators can launch evolving virtual worlds of their own on Verse8 while leveraging community hubs to reach audiences, market their offerings, engage with users and partner with like-minded brands and players.

JC Kim, Co-Founder and CEO of Planetarium, expressed his excitement about the event and the upcoming releases by saying: “Over 1,000 passionate Web3 builders registered for our event, underscoring the growing momentum and interest surrounding decentralized gaming. We’re extremely excited to announce our upcoming titles and aim to make a significant impact in the Web3 gaming scene in 2024. After months of diligent development and design, we’re thrilled to finally publicly announce our vision for Verse8 and Immortal Rising 2 to the community. Our upcoming lineup holds the potential to redefine the industry, addressing long-standing expectations.”

Jake Song, CEO of XLGames and creator of the Lineage franchise – one of the all-time highest-grossing MMORPG games in South Korea, collaborated with Planetarium on the Verse8 project. When commenting on the new release, Mr. Song said: “Verse8 is more than a game; it embodies the ethos of decentralization. The game’s innovative open UGC protocol ensures that content creation isn't monopolized by the few but democratized for the many, laying the foundation for a thriving multiplayer world. Complete with roguelike experiences and multiplayer virtual economy, these capabilities will serve as the foundation upon which creators can build and deploy new experiences of their own for gamers to enjoy.”

At the event, Planetarium also revealed previews of Immortal Rising 2, a Web3 competitive idle RPG game that is poised to surpass its forerunner, Immortal Rising 1. The first installment enjoyed significant success, as the game was the highest-grossing mobile game in the idle RPG category for a consecutive eight-month span, generating over $15 million in revenue exclusively from the Korean market.

Immortal Rising 2 inherits the fast-paced and stylish gameplay of the original game alongside offering enhancements to the user experience such as transitioning to quarter-view during gameplay. Notably, the game creatively leverages innovative Web3 elements such as self-balancing tokenomics and a dynamic guild warfare system that empowers top guilds to actively influence in-game resources and rewards.

Jake Lee, Chief Publishing Officer of Planetarium Labs, expressed his excitement saying: “Idle RPG game downloads in South Korea have eclipsed those of MMORPG games, highlighting the remarkable expansion of the market. Through the success of Nine Chronicles, we built the most extensive Web3 community in the realm of Web3 idle RPGs. This achievement naturally led us to collaborate with top-tier talents to make sure we deliver the very best to the gaming community. The creators of Immortal Rising 1 come with an impressive track record and our skilled team behind Immortal Rising 2 consists of seasoned experts with decades of experience in crafting top-notch competitive and growth-focused MMORPG gameplay.”

Alan Lau, Chief Business Officer of Animoca Brands shared similar sentiments and said: “Immortal Rising 2 is tangible proof of what we can do when passion, innovation and collaboration come together. I’m looking forward to this new Web3 title in Planetarium Labs’ portfolio. We are entering a new era defined by collaboration, immersive gameplay and community-driven content, and Animoca Brands is thrilled to be actively engaged in this pivotal phase of the blockchain gaming revolution.”

As the world of online gaming continues to evolve and as blockchain and decentralized technologies open new worlds of possibility, Verse8 and Immortal Rising 2 are primed to capture the imagination of a new generation of gamers.

About Planetarium Labs

Planetarium Labs is a rapidly growing, community-driven Web3 gaming company that builds immersive and moddable gaming experiences for users around the world. The company successfully raised over $30 million in Series A funding led by Animoca Brands in 2022. With decades of collective experience in gaming and blockchain technologies, and with industry-leading visionaries and partners, Planetarium Labs is building the protocols and experiences that take Web3 gaming to the next level and cementing the game publisher’s position as an revolutionary industry leader.


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