PokerFi: The New Digital Poker Platform with Multiple NFT Launches in January

PokerFi: The New Digital Poker Platform with Multiple NFT Launches in January
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For most users of the internet, two words that have emerged over the course of the years which have revolutionized the way we view digital artworks and interactions within the virtual realm are the Metaverse and NFTs. A simple Google search will produce tons of results bearing links to information about the Metaverse and NFTs. The introduction of these terms into mainstream consciousness by Big Tech companies has changed the way we view digital interactions and also led to massive incursions by various companies into the NFT space, intending to make as many profits as possible from the recent hype around NFTs and the metaverse. One of such firms is PokerFi; a poker firm that promises to shake up the poker game industry.

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PokerFi aims to develop a Poker platform that will be integrated into the metaverse, where everything that will be on sale within the platform will be in an NFT design. The poker industry enjoys wide-ranging patronages valued at several million in revenue each week. However, one key problem that players witness in playing the poker game is that transactions and fees often end up making a poker player spend more time than necessary before accessing their winnings from tournaments. This is in addition to the contentious issue of taxes paid by players. This is why PokerFi aims to revolutionize the poker game industry by cutting down on transaction fees and taxes, using the blockchain system, and allowing players to create their poker clubs or houses within the metaverse, where different exciting tournaments will be played within the PokerFi platform. Furthermore, on the 12th of January, the firm intends to launch a digital land sale that would allow players to own casinos on the platform.

According to information offered on PokerFi official website, for a user to have their own personal Poker Club and generate profit off it, such participant is expected to purchase the land, the items for personalization and construction of the Casino, and the Dealers NFTs that will be in the form of a 3D picture of the users. With an advance purchase of land, a user can rent the land, resell it, or construct a casino and earn profits. Any company can also purchase land and also have customized ad space on the PokerFi metaverse to promote brand visibility to users on the platform. Soon, such a company will be able to put NFTs on Staking.

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