Polygon Gains 0.66% in the Past Hour to $0.727

Polygon's MATIC token has seen a bit of a recovery over the past hour, gaining 0.66% to trade at $0.727 at the time of writing.

Checking the volume data, we can see that $234.31 million worth of MATIC has been traded over the last day. That's lower than the peak volumes we've seen for Polygon recently, indicating somewhat limited trading activity likely contributing to the rangebound price action.

Zooming out further, Polygon remains up 7.06% over the past month, but down a steep 26.70% during the last 6 months. This shows the broader downtrend remains in play despite some short-term bouncing.

Analyzing the charts, it appears Polygon is struggling to gain upside momentum after breaching below key support around the $1.00 level earlier this year. However, the current consolidation between $0.60 and $0.80 indicates MATIC is establishing a new trading range.

I expect Polygon may trade sideways for a few more months as it continues basing. But the strong fundamentals and developer adoption could drive a rally back towards all-time highs around $2.70 later this cycle if the overall crypto market sees renewed bullishness.

What is a Realistic Polygon Price Prediction?

Given Polygon's already large rally during the 2021 bull market, matched with the recent comedown, I think +100-200% gains from current levels is a reasonable best-case scenario for this cycle.

That would put Polygon potentially topping out around $1.40-$2.20 this cycle if crypto sentiment improves. Hitting the very top of that range would likely require the overall crypto market cap swelling towards $5 trillion+ along with increasing Polygon network usage and adoption driving meaningful utility value.

Of course, there is also a scenario where Polygon remains rangebound or continues declining if the crypto market enters a prolonged bear phase. But with its promising technology, I expect MATIC recovers in the long-run as long as development continues.

Should You Buy Polygon in 2023?

Due to Polygon's strong technical capabilities and developer ecosystem, I think it remains one of the better Layer 2 scaling solutions to gain exposure to long-term. While still high risk like any altcoin, its risk-reward profile looks attractive after the 80%+ drawdown.

For investors interested in Polygon, dollar cost averaging into a position gradually seems prudent. I would avoid trying to time the exact bottom. Once acquired, holdings can be strategically taken profits on during rallies, while maintaining a core long-term allocation.

As always, only invest amounts you can afford to lose and ensure you diversify across multiple crypto assets. Polygon still marks a higher risk, higher potential reward alternative to anchor crypto holdings like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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